PowerBI Report Hosting As A Service

Why serviced hosting for PBI Reports?  

Dedicated Machines

A machine that is dedicated to your reporting environment and is backed up daily assures continuous reporting to stakeholders with minimal disruption in an error situations. Also, if you would run the report hosting internally you would have to acquire a dedicated machine with specifications that usually don’t fall under normal office PC setup. Usually running Power BI Desktop requires 16-32 Gb RAM and at least 8 core CPU to run the Desktop development environment smoothly drastically reducing time spent in development.   

Refresh Automation

In many cases there are report data sources that are hosted internally, such as Excel, flat files, Access Db, etc, meaning that either Personal Gateway or Enterprise Gateway is required to automate the refresh of reports using these local sources. In many cases, the corporate firewall prevents the connection and cannot be set up to allow the connection as per other rules set up for the firewall. Dedication of our machines to Power BI Report hosting allows the precise configuration of firewalls without problems to other applications.

Monitoring and Updates

Our machines are monitored to proactively prevent situations where the system would be down for a long time due to unforeseen events.

Power BI development environments are tested for any updates and reporting files converted to new formats as and when needed as part of the service.

Support for peace of mind

Our support provides you with answers and support for end-users in case of errors, taking pressure away from your internal resources.  

Report Development as an add-on service

Report development happening in dedicated machines with plenty of memory and calculating power. This would free up your time and resources saving money. Most office PC and Laptops are under-resourced to do any serious development as the PBI files quite quickly grow and add complexity as the reporting platform matures. Ask for more information.