The Best Dynamics Contractor in Scotland
MS Dynamics, Salesforce and Power BI

We have considerable experience working with customers E2E deployment and in resolving issues in existing MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce and Power BI deployments.

Additionally, we can act as technical experts or as a ‘nearshore’ Dynamics CRM and/or Power BI management resource to bolster your own team’s efforts, freeing them to other tasks. We can deliver complex requirements you have challenges achieving by yourself!

Furthermore, we can provide you with cost effective ‘off-shore’ resources providing the additional support for any project in cost effective manner. The project management and communication would be always done by UK based personnel.

SFDC, MSD 365, SAP BO, Azure, AWS, ETL’s, Mobile Apps development/Flutter….

Technologies we are currently working with
An intelligent decisions made by understanding the performance of your business

Business Intelligence (BI) is about turning data into information that is easily accessible, timely and consistent, thus improving the way companies measure & manage their business using market leading or newly developed, tailor-made tools.

Every organisation captures ever-growing amounts of data but this vital asset is often disconnected from strategic decision making. Companies that have successfully expanded their business intelligence capabilities and integrated this with decision-making activities have seen dramatic impacts on their organization. Incorporating data mining capabilities into your BI portfolio offers a compelling opportunity for increasing value by integrating the delivery of results from predictive analytics; a central concept to data mining: the focus of identifying hidden patterns that exist within data.

Our aim is to provide flexible and scalable reporting tools, mainly based on Power BI, that would automatically produce accurate forecast reports for further analysis consequently enabling a clear view over the past, current and future trends and performance.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – master your ON-LINE MARKETING PRESENCE

There is just no point in having a website if your potential customers can’t find it. Here at Mediarace, we work closely with our SEO clients to ensure that their website is found by the right target customers.

Search engine optimisation is a critical marketing activity. Nothing is as targeted or as easily measurable as search marketing. A well-executed SEO strategy can transform your sales figures.

Are you or your company thinking about utilising Machine Learning

Get up to speed on fundamental concepts and learn how to apply machine learning to business challenges and opportunities. We can tutor you or a group of people at your location in intense face-to-face sessions.